十句英语对话小短句 日常英语口语对话1000词

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1. 【每个主题10句以上的两个英语对话每个主题编两个对话、每个对话10

Good morningA\"Good morning!早上好B\"Good morning!早上好A\"How do you do?B\"How do you doA\"Excuse me.What\'s your name?请问你叫什么名字?B\"Mg name is。

我叫。A\"Nrce to meet you!很高兴见到了你!B\"Nrce to meet you too!也很高兴见到了你!A\"How ane you?你身体好吗?B\"I\"m frne thanRs,And you?我很好.你呢?A\"I\"m OK=I \"m frne,too!我也很好。

2. 英语打招呼的10句小对话有哪些

Why are you in such a good mood?你怎么心情这么好?

I hope we\'ll meet again some time.希望不久后能再见到你。

How are you doing? 你好吗?

What\'s up? 有什么新鲜事儿?

pleased to see/meet you again.很高兴再次见到你。

How\'s everything? 一切都好?

Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你。

How do you feel today?你今天觉得怎样?

How come you look so tired?你怎么看起来这么疲倦?

How\'s life treating you? 日子过得还算惬意吗?

3. 十句最简单的英语对话

A: Hi! 嗨! B: Hi! 嗨! A: Hello! 你好! B: Hello! 你好! A: How do you do! 你好! B: How do you do! 你好! A: How are you? 你好吗? B: Fine, thanks. 我很好,谢谢! A: How are you doing? 你好吗? B: Not bad. 还可以。

A: What\'s you hoppy? 你的爱好是什么? B: I like reading. 我喜欢阅读。 A: Where is your home? 你的家在哪? B: It is near our school. 在我们的学校附近。

A: What is the weather? 天气怎么样? B: It is raining. 天正在下雨。 A: Nice to meet you! 很高兴认识你! B: Nice to meet to you too! 认识你我也很高兴! A: Good morning. 早上好。

B: Good morning. 早上好。 A: Good afternoon. 下午好。

B: Good afternoon. 下午好。 A: Good evening. 晚上好。

B: Good evening. 晚上好。

4. 10句简单的英语对话

Hello. My name\'s Peter. What\'s your name? Janet. Where are you from Janet? I\'m from Seattle. Where are you from? I\'m from Madrid. Are you American? Yes, I am. Are you Spanish? Yes I am.

Key Vocabulary

My name is。 What\'s (is) your name 。 Where are you from? I\'m from。 Are you (Spanish, American, German, etc.)

Hello and Goodbye - Three Short Conversations


Hello, Peter. How are you? Fine, thanks. How are you? I\'m fine, thank you.


Goodbye, Janet. See you tomorrow! Bye bye, Peter. Have a nice evening. Thanks, you too! Thanks. Key Vocabulary

Hello。 How are you? I\'m fine, - OK, - well, thank you Goodbye, - bye bye See you tomorrow Have a nice evening, - day

5. 运用句子编不少于十句的英语对话运用下列句子编不少于十句的商场对

A:Can I help you? Madam!B:Yes,I want to buy a new dress.Can you show me that one?A:OK.Here you are.B:Let me have a look,I don\'t like its color.A:That one?B:I like that color,May I try it on?A:Yes,you may .B:I like it very much.How much is it?A:Eighty yuan.B:I buy it ,Thank you very much!A:Byebye!B:Byebye!Welcome to our shop next time.ABAB。

6. 英语对话,10句,词组简单,小学四年级水平,回答10小时以内急



A:It\'s sunny today.

B:Of course,and I\'m very happy.


B:With the beautiful weather,and my family will have a picnic this weekend.

A:What\'s the day is it today?


A:Tomorrow?May you have a good time.

B:Thank you.It\'s very kind of you

7. 50篇不少与10句的英语对话.

一、在使馆签证的英语对话 Visa officer: Why do you want to go to U.K.? Wang: I want to study for a doctorate. Visa officer: How long do you intend to stay in U.K.? Wang: About two years. Visa officer: Does your scholarship cover the whole two years? Wang: Yes, it does. Visa officer: Where will you live? Wang: I hope to live on the university campus. I have a letter here from my professor about accommodation. Visa officer: May I have a look? Thanks. Visa officer: Is your family going with you? Wang: Oh, no, I am going alone. Visa officer: Where will you live? Wang: I hope to live on the university campus. I have a letter here from my professor about accommodation. Visa officer: May I have a look? Thanks. Visa officer: Is your family going with you? Wang: Oh, no, I am going alone. 签证官:你为什么要去英国? 王晓红:我要去攻读博士学位。

签证官:你打算在英国呆多久? 王晓红:大约两年。 签证官:整个两年你都有奖学金吗? 王晓红:是的,都有。

签证官:你将住在哪儿? 王晓红:我希望住在学校内。我的老师就住宿问题给我写了一封信。

签证官:可以让我看看吗?谢谢。 签证官:你的家属是不是跟你一起去? 王晓红:哦,不,只有我一个人去。

二、在海关检查 A: Anything to declare? 您有什么要申报的吗? B: No, nothing. 不,没有。 A: What\'s this? Open this box, please. 这个是什么?请打开这个盒子。

B: Souvenir for my wife. 给我妻子的纪念品。 A: Is liquor or cigarette here? 里面有酒和香烟吗? B: One bottle of whisky and cigarette one carton. Is it taxable? 有一瓶威士忌和一条香烟。

需要缴税吗? A: No. It\'s OK. 不,没有。 三、在过境入境处 A: Your passpart, please. 请出示您的护照。

B: This one. 这个。 A: How long are you going to stay here? 您在此逗留多长时间? B: Two weeks. 两个星期 A: Where are you going stay? 您此期间在哪里落脚? B: The Hilton Hotel in Paris. 巴黎的希尔顿酒店。

A: What will you do here? 您此行的目的是什么? B: For Business. 商务旅行。 A: Ok, you\'re through now. 好了,您可以通过了。

四、办理入境手续英语对话 Officer: Would you mind telling me the purpose of your visit to the U.K.? Wang: I am here to study at a university. Officer: May I see your passport? Wang: Of course, here you are. Officer: Would you please open the suitcase? What are these? Wang: They are Chinese medicine. Some pills only. Officer: Are they gifts for friends? Wang: Oh, no. They are for my own use. Officer: Could you tell me the ingredients? Wang: They are made of herbs. 移民官:请告诉我你到英国来的目的,好码? 王晓红:我是到大学读书的。 移民官:我可以看看你的护照吗? 王晓红:当然可以,请看。

边检官:请把箱子打开。这是什么? 王晓红:中药。

只是一些药丸。 边检官:是给朋友的礼物吗? 王晓红:哦,不,是自己用的。

边检官:你能告诉我药丸的成分吗? 王晓红:他们是草药做的。 五、接机、入住的英语对话 Marine: You mast be Mrs. Wang. I am delighted to meet you at last. Wang: Likewise. I have been looking forward to this moment for months! Marine: You must be exhausted. Would you like to sit down and rest for a few minutes? Wang: Oh, no, I\'d rather get to College as quickly as possible. Marine: Mrs. Wang, You are on the third floor. Wang: It looks very comfortable. Marine: You have got lovely view of Hyde Park. This is your private bathroom, and just opposite is a kitchen which all six of you share. There is common room at the end of the corridor, and a games room next door. 玛丽娜:你是王晓红吧。

终于见到你了,感到很高兴。 王晓红:见到你我也很高兴。

几个月来我一直在盼望这个时刻。 玛丽娜:你一定很累了。

要坐下来休息一会儿吗? 王晓红:哦,不。我到希望能尽快地到达学院。

玛丽娜:你的房间在四楼。 王晓红:这里看上去很舒服。

玛丽娜:从这里你可以看到海德公园。这是你的个人使用的浴 室,紧对面是你们6个人合用的厨房。

在走廊尽头有 一公共休息室,隔壁是活动房。 六、到朋友家做客的英语对话 Wang: Good evening, Frank. Frank: Hello, How good to see you. Did you have any trouble finding our place? Wang: Not at all. Your instructions were very clear. Where is Mrs. Robinson? Frank: She is in the kitchen. Catherine! Mrs. Wang is here! Catherine: Mrs. Wang! I am so glad you could come. My husband has told me so much about you. Wang: These are for you. Catherine: Oh, what lovely flowers! You are very kind. Thank you so much. I will go and put them in some water right away. Wang: And here is a bottle of Chinese quite Mao-tai. Frank: That is thoughtful of you. T have heard that it packs quite punch. Catherine:。

8. 简单的十二句英语对话


2.good morning/afternoon/evening/night

3.how have you been?

4.How is the weather?

5.where is the 。..

6.excuse me,nature calls.(表达自己要上厕所文艺的说法,还有类似的I want to anwser the call from nature)

7.merry christmas

8.I beg your pardon

9.It is very glad to meet you

10.what a beautiful girl!

11.Let us go to。.

12.How much?

9. 英语对话不少于10句

A: Hi Lauren! B: Hey Ms.Fingerhut! A: Are you studying in the library? B: Actually I am, and for the upcoming english quiz. A: I am happy to hear that, you are a diligent girl. B: Aww thank you. A: Anyways i have to take out a few books, and i won\'t bother you for now. I hope you do well on the quiz, it\'s not that hard. B: Thank you Ms.Fingerhut! See you! A: Oh my gosh, Jason, is that you? B: Andrew! Hey! What\'s up! A: I am thrilled to see you here! What a surprise! B: Me too. I\'ve moved to Chicago, and I\'m just coming back to L.A. to visit my parents. A: Good to hear that. B: You have changed a lot. A: Seriously? Heck, no! I am still the same old Andrew. B: No way, you are much more charming now. A: Oh really, but look at you! What a big change, wow. B: I know, we haven\'t seen each other for a long time. Here, this is my new phone number, call me anytime A: Thanks, I\'m sure i will. B: I have to go now, see you! A: Bye Jason! A: Hey Nicole, what are you reading? B: Oh, Hi Alyssa. I was just reading a picture book, i am so bored. A: Cool, what book is it? B: It\'s called \"Casey\'s Adventure\" A: Sounds fun, can i take a look at it? B: Go ahead. A: Who is the boy in the picture, Casey? B: Yep, isn\'t he adorable. A: Amend me a teacher? B: Sure. Mr.Ferguson is a nice teacher, he is funny and nice, and easy. Mrs.Hilton is a great teacher as well, she gives high marks, a little strict though. A: I think i will go with Mr.Ferguson then! Thanks alot Daniel! B: No problem, but you have to be quick, or else other people are going to have him as their teacher since he is so popular. A: Aprehension. B: But can you understand me? A: Yes,but not conversational talks. I refer to reading books, and teacher\'s instructions. B: Oh that, don\'t worry um, I will help you out. First, for listening, you can ask the other person to speak slowly, so that you can hear it clearer. Or, you can communicate more, and try to listen to the other person when they\'re speaking. Like me, i am speaking slowly. Also, try to speak faster. A: Thanks, what about..comprehension? B: You have to read more books, magazines, watch TV, and use context, always. When you don\'t understand something, you have to identify the word, or phrase you don\'t understand. If it\'s a word, find out its definition and put into context. If its a phrase, consult other people and it might help. A: Thanks a million! It helps! B: No problem。

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